Buy your tickets today for the April 28 Kentucky Zerby Spring Fling!

Buy your tickets now for our first annual Spring Fling at

Saturday April 28
Zervas Elementary Cafetorium

There will be a Kentucky Derby inspired theme dinner, signature cocktails with an open bar, and a DJ with dancing. Bid on the amazing community events hosted by Zervas parents including dinners, parties, ladies nights, gents nights, and more. All proceeds from community event bids support our school curriculum, enrichment activities, and community events.

This is an adults-only event, so book your babysitters early. Derby hats and festive spring attire is encouraged, but completely optional. Zervas teachers and staff will be judging and awarding prizes for best derby hats/attire!

Tickets for the big event through April 23 for $50/person.
Starting on April 24, the ticket price increases to $75/person.

We’d love more community events. If you would like to host something to auction off at the Zerby this year, please contact Wendy Feiner at! It is as much fun to host these events as it is to attend!

We also need some help setting up the event the afternoon of April 28. You can help even if you don’t plan to attend the Zerby. Sign up here:

Tickets are available for purchase exclusively online this year. Show your support for our teachers and staff by purchasing an extra ticket or two to sponsor a teacher/staff admission. The ticket purchase will display as “Stripe” on your credit card bill. If you are unable to purchase tickets this year but would like to join us, please contact Dr. Beck who will arrange tickets for you confidentially.

Giddy Up!

Wendy Feiner, Mira Woods, Cate Menon, Noemy Ehrlich, Becky Mozaffarian, Cheryl Hersh, Tim D’Souza, Sera Miller

Spring Fling Committee

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