Donate a Book to the Zervas Library: Gift Book Sale

It hardly seems possible, but the year is almost over!  A perfect way to celebrate this special time of year is to donate a book to the Zervas library. We are hoping to have 100 new books donated to our school library before the end of the year!!

You can donate in honor of anyone you like: a teacher, in honor of a family member (mother’s day or father’s day), or even leave a simple message for the reader, the choice is yours.

Donating is quick and easy! Simply select your book online, choose your donation plate and what you would like it to say, and order.  Books come to the library ready to check out. These books are really sturdy and guaranteed to last for years to come, and students love seeing the names of donors from years past.

Thank you all for a wonderful school year!
~Ms. Kinney

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