About Your PTO

The Zervas PTO is committed to promoting the core values that guide the school, and to enhancing the education of our children. Our efforts primarily focus on three areas:

  • Strengthening a sense of community by bringing families together.
  • Harnessing the energy, expertise, and enthusiasm of parents who want to volunteer in the school.
  • Raising money to support the school and to provide important programs.

PTO Bylaws

  • The Bylaws for the organization are available here.

PTO Board and Committee Chairs 2014-2015

PTO Board
Co-Presidents: Alicia Collins, Jessica Davis
Vice Presidents: Lisa DePalma, Tim D’Souza, Wendy Feiner, Bindiya Stancampio, Amy Waksler
Treasurer: Sandy Sloane
Secretary: Jenn Martin

PTO Committee Chairs

Auction Food and Dessert: Cara Church & Mira Woods
Auction Bar and DJ: Noemy Ehrlich & Wendy Feiner
Auction Venue: Tim D’Souza & Sanskriti Singh
Auction Publicity: Steve Davenport & Becky Mozaffarian
Auction Community Events: Wendy Feiner
Auction Donations: Jessica Davis & Craig Kapilow
Auction Grade Baskets: Alison Kapilow
Auction Teacher Raffle: Marie-Laure Frere
Auction Fabulous Fifth Graders: OPEN
Auction Website Coordination: Jessica Davis & Justine Mikulis
Class Photos: Annie Ganot & Karen Kipman
Coffee Socials: Erika Pond
Color Day: Debra Stump
Creative Arts and Sciences: Will Joyner & Maggie Schmidt
Database and Directory: Steve Davenport & Lorna Dunne
Destination Dinner: Ginna Driscoll, Noemy Ehrlich & Wendy Feiner
Dues and Membership: Dion Rhodes
Family Halloween Dance: Barbara Talvitie & Jennifer Glennon
Family Picnics: Sanskriti Singh & Peter Torrebiarte
Hospitality: Tim D’Souza & Lyla Goldstein
Kindergarten Soccer: Merill Barnes & Tara Karyanis
Legal: Craig Waksler
Library Book Sale: Louise Bonegio
Library Parents: Bindiya Stancampiano
Room and Grade Parents: Jessica Davis
Safe Routes to School: Jenn Martin & Sandy Sloane
Social Action: Lori Berkowitz, Katie Britton, Tanya Ianiello & Jackie Lee
Spirit Wear: Sera Miller
Teacher Appreciation: Bindiya Stancampiano
Turkey Trot: Priya Wagner
Understanding Our Differences: Lisa DePalma
Variety Show: Peter Malagodi
Volunteer Coordinator: Anoush Mouradian
Welcoming: Amy Waksler
Zervas Community Connections: Amy Behrens & Jacqueline Butera
Zervas Notes and Website:  Madhu Natarajan

PTO Grade Parents
Kindergarten: Marie-Laure Frere & Mira Woods
1st Grade: Wendy Feiner & Becky Mozaffarian
2nd Grade: Suzanne Chow & Gomes Casseres
3rd Grade: Rachel Conroy & Cathy Frawley
4th Grade: Nicole Newman and Jessica Savage
5th Grade: Lisa DePalma, Maggie Schmidt and Barbara Talvitie

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