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SEPAC: Presentation and Discussion Wed, Jan 15

Please join the Newton Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) for a presentation and discussion about Basic Rights in Special Education with Tim Sindelar, Newton lawyer specializing in representing children and adults with disabilities. This event is geared towards parents new to special education, and for those who would like to know more about their basic rights.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020 @ 7:30-9:00pm
Newton Education Center, 100 Walnut Street, Room 210

No RSVP necessary. Questions? Please contact Newton SEPAC Board Member Eliza Spaulding at

If you have questions about SEPAC at Zervas, please reach out to our Zervas Parent SEPAC Rep, Gretchen Morgan.

ZCC Dynamic Diversity Night: Thurs, Jan 16 @ 6:15pm

Dynamic Diversity Night
“How do we talk to children about race?”
Thursday, January 16 @ 6:15pm in the Zervas Cafetorium

Please join us for a panel discussion of Zervas parents and a Q&A about how we talk about race as a community. Please note this will be an adults-only event. Light food and refreshments will be served.

Dynamic Diversity is presented by our Zervas Community Connections Committee. If you have questions or wish to learn more about the ZCC at Zervas, please email Delia Cheung Hom at

New Student Z Green Team at Zervas: First Meeting, Wed Jan 22 @ 3:10

New Student Z Green Team at Zervas!!

Is your 3rd-5th grader interested in helping Zervas become a greener school? A new student environmental club will meet after school one Wednesday each month. The Z Green Team will be led by the PTO Parent Green Team in partnership with 5th grade teacher Mr. Raney and a ZASP coordinator.

Z Green Team members will brainstorm and implement ideas throughout the year to help make Zervas a more environmentally sustainable school. Kids enrolled in ZASP on Wednesdays will have the opportunity to do even more through new weekly ZASP Z Green Team activities.

The first monthly Z Green team meeting will be on January 22 from 3:10-4:00 pm. The theme for the first meeting will be “Kids Committed to Protecting Our Planet.”

If your child is interested, please sign up using this link:

If you have any questions please contact Chagit Steiner, Mindy Gomes Casseres or Gautam Sundaram of our Green Team at We hope to see your student on January 22.

Registration for Newton SouthEast Little League (NSELL) Spring 2020

Registration for Newton SouthEast Little League (NSELL) Spring 2020 season is open! 

Registration for new and returning players for Newton SouthEast Little League’s Spring 2020 season is now open. NSELL runs several programs in the spring, including T-bal (kindergarten and younger), Farm (1st and 2nd Grade), Minors (AA and AAA) and Majors.

Please visit the NSELL website ( for additional details about the programs or click HERE TO REGISTER ( 

If you have any questions or comments, please use the online feedback form ( to send them to the league.

March Online Auction: Seeking Donations/Gift Cards

Planning for the March Zervas Online Auction is underway! Our hard-working committee is already busy at work soliciting donations.

  • Do you work for or own a business that would donate an item?
  • Do you have sports tickets or concert tickets you can donate?
  • Do you have a restaurant, store or business connection that could lead to the donation of a gift card?
  • Do your kids take lessons or classes at an organization that would donate?

Please reach out to with any and all ideas or donations and someone will follow up!

The Blue Zone @ Zervas: Let’s Work to Make it Better


  • The Blue Zone is a “live” drop–off/pick–up line. Drivers must stay in their cars, ready to move forward. Cars may only remain in the Blue Zone long enough for a child to enter/exit the car.
  • Children must be able to buckle/unbuckle their seatbelts and open/close car doors by themselves in the Blue Zone. If you need to get out of the car to operate the doors or seatbelts, please park in a legal spot.
  • There is no “waiting” in the Blue Zone. You must exit the Blue Zone after picking up or dropping off your child.
  • The Blue Zone isn’t for everyone. If the Blue Zone regulations don’t work for you or your child, please make plans to walk to school or to park in a legal spot and walk to the building.


  • Be sure your children have everything they need (backpack, lunch, etc.) and are ready to get out of the car before you enter the Blue Zone.
  • When you pull into the Blue Zone please pull forward as far as possible. Children may only exit the vehicle in the front three spaces of the Blue Zone.
  • Drivers MAY NOT get out of the car.
  • Children MUST use the door on the sidewalk side of the car, NEVER the traffic side.
  • After your child gets out of the car, pull forward and exit the Blue Zone. When you wait, you prevent other parents from entering and exiting the Blue Zone, making drop-off less safe and more frustrating for everyone.
  • If the Blue Zone feels too rushed please walk, bike, or park legally and walk your child to the school entrance.


  • Indicate by 11:30 a.m. in the online School Dismissal Manager that your child will be dismissed to the Blue Zone.
  • Plan to arrive at 3:05 p.m. (or 12:35 p.m.). The Blue Zone works best when cars arrive after students are dismissed. If you are late, your child will go to the office to wait for you.
  • Pull in behind the last car in line, and be ready to move forward as the line moves.
  • Children wait at the top of the large Blue Zone with Zervas staffYour child will be sent to you when your car approaches the front of the line. Do not get out of your car – they will come to you.
  • Once your child is in the car and buckled, please pull forward and exit the Blue Zone.
  • If your child is not yet outside you must pull out of the Blue Zone and circle the block.


Most Newton schools are located in residential neighborhoods that simply cannot accommodate a large number of cars. Since most students live close enough to walk to our neighborhood elementary schools, families are urged to walk whenever possible. However, some level of vehicle traffic is inevitable, and “Blue Zones” provide a safer and more efficient way for families to drop off and pick up students by car. A “Blue Zone” is an area designated by the City of Newton for the live drop-off and pick-up of students during restricted times. These areas are marked by blue curbs and signs.

City of Newton Ordinance #19-179: No person shall park a vehicle upon any street within a school drop–off zone except while engaged in dropping off or picking up passengers, which shall not be permitted for a period of time longer than one minute. Parking a motor vehicle in a restricted zone is illegal and is punishable by a fine of $25.

Drop-Off: 8:05am-8:35am
Pick-Up: 11:30am-1:00pm (Tuesdays) and 2:00pm-3:30pm (M/W/Th/F)

Visit for more information. Looking to get involved with our Safe Routes to School Committee? Email

Friday is the Last Day! Zervas Library Winter Gift Book Sale

63 books have been purchased for our school library and we’d love to see that number continue to rise! Our Zervas Library Winter Gift Book Drive ends this Friday, January 10. Please consider donating a book today.

For this drive, we are focusing on adding more diverse books to our library. We believe all students should see books with characters who are just like them on the shelves. You can purchase a title selected by librarian, Rebecca Kinney, and then donate it to the library in honor of a teacher or staff member, family member, or special person of your choice. A bookplate will be put inside the cover acknowledging the special person of your choice.


  • Last year over 20,000 books were checked out of the Zervas library!
  • Did you know our Zervas School Library is fully funded by the Zervas PTO and our two annual gift book sales? The PTO allocates money to the library from our Equity Budget and we have two gift book sales during the year, winter and spring. These gift books sales are a great way for our Zervas families to help support our school library.
  • Why are the books on this drive kinda expensive? Bound to Stay Bound brand books are incredibly sturdy, and if the binding breaks (rarely), they will replace the book at no cost. This is especially important for the high traffic titles like the graphic novels and wildly popular titles like the Wimpy Kid books. Popular books from Amazon really only last at most a year in a high volume circulation school library like Zervas.  Plus Bound to Stay Bound does all the processing of barcodes, spine labels, and book plates, so they are ready to be checked out upon arrival.
  • At the end of the drive Zervas teachers will be told of the books that have been donated in their name.

Give a gift to the Zervas Library, click to donate a book!
Zervas Library Winter Gift Book Sale

Waban Library Center Author Talk

The Waban Library Center is hosting an author talk of the popular novel, “The Kennedy Debutante,” by local author Kerri Maher on January 16 at 7:30pm. This beguiling novel tells a compelling story about the socialite daughter of the Kennedy clan, and gives rich detail about the war years through the lens of American/British life and diplomacy. Light refreshments will be available before and after the talk and Ms. Maher’s book will be available for sale.

The event is free for all. For more information, please visit or call 617-244-0700.

The library is located at 1608 Beacon Street, Waban, MA 02468 and is easily accessible from the Waban T stop.

Variety Shows: Sign Up Forms Due Fri, Jan 10

Calling all Zervas performers (again!)! It’s time for the Zervas Variety Shows!

We are thrilled to announce that we have rescheduled the Variety Shows! The new dates are:
K-3:  Wednesday, January 22 @ 6:30 in the Cafetorium
4-5: Wednesday, January 29 @ 6:30 in the Cafetorium

Even if your child previously signed up, this is a fresh start and you must sign up again and re-send any music/attachments to Mr. Mignone.

Does your child want to sign up?

  • Fill out a Sign Up form (links below) and submit it to Mr. Mignone by Friday, January 10. K-3 Form & 4-5 Form
  • All recorded music must be sent to Mr. Mignone as an MP3 attachment. 
  • All accompanying piano music must be provided to Mr. Mignone
  • Students may participate in 1 act, and there is a 4 minute limit. Please specify if it is a group act.

*Please note: Elementary school appropriate lyrics only! Parents – please review lyrics before submitting.*

Parents: Can you help the night of the event? Sign up here. We need assistance with set up, preparing the performers before the show and clean up after the show to make the event run smoothly.

ZCC Dynamic Diversity Night: Thurs, Jan 16 @ 6:15pm

Dynamic Diversity Night
“How do we talk to children about race?”
Thursday, January 16 @ 6:15pm in the Zervas Cafetorium

Please join us for a panel discussion of Zervas parents and a Q&A about how we talk about race as a community. Please note this will be an adults-only event.

Dynamic Diversity is presented by our Zervas Community Connections Committee. If you have questions or wish to learn more about the ZCC at Zervas, please email Delia Cheung Hom at