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Friday, October 28, 2016.  The Tanglewood Marionettes present the Dragon King to All Grades at Zervas


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Creative Arts & Sciences (CAS) provides curriculum-related enrichment programs to all our students at Zervas. Working closely with the Zervas teaching staff and funded entirely by our PTO, the Creative Arts and Sciences Committee brings in highly-vetted programs and qualified presenters that enhance all areas of the curriculum — from published poets and author illustrators such as Grace Lin, to Opera Singers and African drummers, from tree canopy scaling science professors, to American folk musicians and Revolutionary War story tellers. CAS programs align with Common Core State Standards, Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, Newton curriculum, system-wide goals and core values. CAS Programs enrich student experiences in Art, English Language Arts, History and Social Sciences, Music, Physical Education, and the Sciences


  • Did you know? Throughout the year, Creative Arts and Sciences books on average 19 separate presentations (3 presentations each per grade) as well as an all-school concert series.
  • Did you know? Creative Arts and Sciences brings in presentations which introduce many different countries and cultures including China, Ghana, Native Americans and the Pilgrims, Indian Americans, and African Americans.
  • Did you know? Creative Arts and Sciences brings presenters with live animals right into your student’s classroom. Zervas students meet birds of prey, live honey bees, tanks of creatures to be held and touched from our neighboring Atlantic ocean, as well as bugs and spiders and lots of creepy crawlers.
  • Did you know? Creative Arts and Sciences brings in authors, author-illustrators, playwrights and poets to talk about their craft.
  • Did you know? Creative Arts and Sciences brings in scientists with science experiments to enhance and bring science concepts to life. Zervas students explore bubbles, experiment with liquid nitrogen, skype live with forecasters at weather stations, and observe & build simple machines which make concepts of physics very much alive.

Calendar of Events:

DATE                 PROGRAM                  GRADE

2016 October 7 Friday Birgit deWeerd – Honey Bees and the art of Keeping Bees 1
October 21 Friday Eric Olson – Insect Friends 1
October 28 Friday Tanglewood Marionettes “The Dragon King” All
November 4 Friday Eric Olson – Canopy Guy 3
November 28 Monday Matt Tavares K K,1,3
December 6 Tuesday Susan Goodman 2,4
December 7 Wednesday Susan Goodman 5
December 9 Friday Dan Perlman – Plate Techtonics, Earthquakes & Volcanoes 4
2017 January 5 Thursday Science Discovery Museum – Physical Changes in Matter 3
January 17 Tuesday Wingmasters – World of Owls 5 5
March 22 Wednesday Jeff Davis – American Sampler 4
April 5 Wednesday Ellen Goethel – Explore the Oceans 1
May 9 Tuesday Mitali Perkins – Life Between Cultures 4
May 26 Friday Paul Revere House School Programs – Paul Revere, Man Behind the Myth 5
June 9 Friday Historic New England – Colonial Trade, Making Community Work 3

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