Building Security and Children’s Safety

Visitors must check in at the school office, sign-in and pick up a visitor’s badge. Any adult without a badge will be asked to check in at the office. If you wish to bring something to your child during school hours, please bring it to the office. If your child is to be dismissed early, please meet him/her in the office. The office will call the classroom to have your child come and meet you.

All doors except the front door will be locked at 8:45 a.m. All doors can be opened from the inside of the school to allow exit to the outside. School dismissal of children through the front and side doors will continue. We ask that parents wait outside. During inclement weather parents may enter through the front door. We urge parents not to block the hallways because it makes it difficult and unsafe to pass.

The front door will remain open during and after school until 4:00 p.m. Please use only the front door to enter the school after 8:45 a.m.

The back parking lot door will be locked at 8:45 a.m. Please do not drop off or pick up your child from the back parking lot door. However, after 4:00 p.m. ZASP children can be picked up at the back door near the ZASP office.

The gate between Cold Springs Park and the Zervas playground will be locked. The playground is therefore not accessible from Cold Springs. There is a path leading from Cold Springs to our parking lot.

The BLUE ZONE and Parking

The Blue Zone area was created to alleviate traffic build-up on Beethoven Avenue, and to provide for the safe arrival and departure of all students. Although walking to and from school is strongly encouraged, those parents who drive their children are urged to drop off and pick up in the Blue Zone. The Blue Zone is in front of Zervas School on Beethoven Avenue. It is clearly marked with signs and with blue paint on the curb.


  • 30 minutes before school starts
  • 60 minutes before school ends and
  • 30 minutes after school ends.

There is also no parking in the Handicapped parking space at the southern end of the Blue Zone.

How to Use the Blue Zone

  • Approach the school by coming north on Beethoven (toward Beacon).
  • Pull up toward Beacon St. as far as possible to make room for cars pulling in behind you. Your kids are able to walk a few extra steps to the front door of the school.
  • Please pull close into the curb so that the back of your car is not sticking out into the street. Remember, room must remain for two lanes of traffic on Beethoven, not including the Blue Zone lane.
  • Children should exit the car on the sidewalk side only.
  • Do not get out of your car except for a true emergency!!
  • Teach your children to open and close the car doors. Even kindergartners can learn to do this.
  • Prearrange Blue Zone pickups with your children so that they don’t end up playing in the playground instead of looking for you in the Blue Zone. If this happens, go around the block and park in the non-Blue Zone area so that you can get out and look for your kids. It only takes a minute to go around the block.
  • Don’t come to school for Blue Zone pick-up earlier than you know your child will be ready.

When you do use the Blue Zone, please drop off or pick up your child quickly and then leave. There is no standing; if your child is not there, please go around the block-do not wait in the blue zone. If it is necessary to walk your child into the school, please park elsewhere (preferably not on Beethoven Avenue) and walk to school.

Other Parking Policies

Please observe the following parking policies

  • Do not turn around or park in the school driveway.
  • Do not drop off or pick up your child on the opposite side of Beethoven. This area is designated “No Parking” during school hours.
  • Do not drop off or pick up your child at the back parking lot door or in the driveway area.
  • Do not park between the Zervas driveway and Beacon Street or make a U-turn on Beethoven.

Crossing guards are at Beacon and Beethoven, and Woodward and Beethoven, prior to school and just after dismissal.

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