Message from the Superintendent

To Parents of Students with Special Needs:
The School Committee has commissioned a study of the special education services provided by the Newton Public Schools. The goal of this study is to “evaluate the effectiveness, efficiency, and costs of the services provided in order to ensure that the Newton Public Schools are meeting the needs of students and spending all resources wisely.” An important part of this process is gathering feedback from parents across the district.

Thus far, the firm conducting this study has collected a great deal of data, visited school programs, and engaged parents and staff in interviews and focus groups. In order to broaden feedback as widely as possible, we have crafted an on-line survey for parents of students with special needs. We highly value and count on your input, as the success of this study depends on your participation. Please click on the following link to complete this confidential survey.

Alternately, you can go to our website at and click on the survey link. The survey will be available up through Friday, December 24.

Many thanks for your assistance. It is most appreciated.

David Fleishman

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