Circle for Safety

Circle for Safety – Keep the Blue Zone safe!
Space in front of you opens; pull up, then turn your engine off again. Exhaust fumes contribute to global warming as well as respiratory and cardiac ailments.
All of the Blue Zone is occupied? Circle the block (left on Beacon/left on Allen/left on Woodward/left on Beethoven) and try again.
‘Fraid you’ll miss your kid(s)?  Do NOT double park…just tell them (ahead of time) if they don’t see you right away that you are circling for safety and you’ll be there in two minutes.
Expecting to load or unload on the opposite side of the street? Please do not even consider this very dangerous idea.
P.S. Please pass on these important safety guidelines to relatives and other care givers if they are picking up or dropping off your children.

Picture of Blue Zone signs

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