Co-Presidents’ Letter

It’s hard to believe that we’ll be turning the calendar page to April! The next few months will be packed with programs, picnics, field trips, and other excitement; during the school day and after, within the walls of the building, out on school grounds and beyond. Check the weekly zmails or the PTO website for announcements about upcoming plans.
In an effort to maintain the strengths of the PTO and to initiate improvement where needed,  the PTO Nominating Committee is beginning to look for volunteers to help chair the committees that will work on the many PTO events next school year.  If we are able to get more (especially new) people on board, it will help to alleviate the time commitment of those already volunteering and bring new ideas and energy to our committees. If you are interested in getting involved in this way, please contact Jane Spitz at
One committee with a huge and positive impact on our kids is the Creative Arts and Sciences Committee. Chairpersons of the CASC partner with teachers to bring specialists, with inspiring workshops and presentations linked to the class curriculum, to Zervas. Please see the section below for news from the CASC. 
Caroline and Jane

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