NewtonPAC for Special Education Meeting – What is “Social Thinking”?

“Social Thinking” is our ability to think about:

WHY we do certain things?
HOW we do certain things?
WHY does all of this matter?

Tracey Stoll, M.Ed. Founder and Executive Director of Learning Solutions, LLC, will speak in detail about:   What social thinking is; what effects social thinking; and how we know if a student will benefit from social thinking groups and strategies?  Social cognitive thinking groups are beneficial for learners experiencing social challenges among their peers, and within daily life.  Participants will come away with increased knowledge and understanding of social cognitive thinking, and strategies to stimulate the development in diverse learners.

Light refreshments and networking begin at 7:15 pm.

Thursday, April 14, 2011, 7:30pm to 9:00pm
Room 210, Education Center, 100 Walnut St, Newtonville
Newton Parent Advisory Council (NewtonPAC) for Special Education meetings are free and open to all people interested in learning more about special education in Newton.

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