Taking Nominations for the 2nd Annual NewtonPAC Special Educator Awards

Do you have someone you’d like to recognize?
Nominees can be any member of NPS staff. They do NOT have to be special education dedicated if they made a difference to a child receiving special education services.  There is no official limit to the number of staff members nominated per family, but please use your discretion. The awards are meant to recognize truly outstanding efforts!  All nominees will be recognized. All nominations must be received by May 15th and MUST include:

  1. Your name (will not be made public – nominator’s names are known only to award recipients).
  2. Nominee’s home school and e-mail address.
  3. A SHORT paragraph on why you believe s/he should be recognized.

Please note that the awards are for the CURRENT SCHOOL YEAR ONLY.
Send your nominations directly to Jess Wilson at pacnoms@hotmail.com.