Memo to the Angier, Bowen, Countryside and Zervas Communities:

        For most of the school year, a Task Force has been reviewing options to address overcrowding at the Countryside School.  At tonight’s (6/13) meeting, the School Committee will be considering the recommendations of the Countryside Task Force, which include the creation of three new buffer zones effecting new (incoming) Countryside families who could be redirected to Bowen, Angier or Zervas.  As stated in the Out-Of-Assigned-District Policy, “Parents/guardians of students residing in a buffer zone must request either one of the two designated elementary schools in the zone.  The requests will be granted based on space availability.”   The full set of recommendations and accompanying buffer zone maps can be downloaded as attachments to this email.
        There will be an opportunity for community input at both the 6/13 and 6/20 School Committee meetings. Citizens are also welcome to send their thoughts to
Joe Russo
Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education
100 Walnut Street
Newtonville, MA  02460

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