Dewey Decimal System? Yes, we do!

Two new improvements to the Zervas Library have created two great chances to help out at Zervas before the academic year even starts:

  1. The library has been fortunate to receive a new set of movable shelf units. Once set up, this will allow the room to be sectioned off for class time and then opened up into a large meeting or gathering space as needed. The furniture arrived over the summer and it needs to be assembled between now and next Tuesday. If you own some basic tools and have expertise with assembling furniture, we could use your time and help. This job can be done at the school or someone with a truck could take the boxes home, put the units together, and bring them back to school when they are completed. To volunteer, please contact Steve Griffin at 617-559-6750 or .
  2. Next Tuesday, August 30th, please come to Zervas to help Erin Broderick (our librarian) organize and shelve books. Summer construction has left things a bit disorganized.  The good news is, the library now has a new rug. The other news is, the library needs to be put back together before the beginning of school.

We’ll get started at 1:00pm and stay until the work is done. This job will require as many volunteers as possible, please drop in even if you only have a few minutes. We’d like to get a headcount so please follow the link below to sign up: 

If needed, child care can be provided. If you anticipate bringing kids, please reply to this email indicating number and age of children who will be accompanying you.

Thank you!

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