Send your comments on the NPS Budget to the School Committee

The School Committee is currently preparing the guidelines for the Newton Public Schools FY13 Budget. They will develop a document with a budget philosophy that the Superintendent uses over the next few months to craft the actual itemized budget.

Now is a great time to tell SC members what you feel is important because by the time the budget is prepared and presented in March, it is very difficult to effect substantial change.

Ideas they are discussing include class size, breadth of programming, buildings and operations, student services and educational infrastructure. In a preliminary meeting, some of the areas they focused on are: in-district special education programs; protection of arts programs (after being hit last year); reserves for future contingencies; new initiative funding (including STEM, full-day kindergarten); and less paper usage.

The Budget Guidelines Committee is looking for fairly general comments, but it’s always worth putting in a plug for something that is important to you, no matter how specific. If you do choose to comment to the SC about what you value most in our education system, it is also helpful to say what you value a lot less. Trade-offs will have to occur again this budget year and your input can assist in the Committee’s efforts to prioritize.

To comment, please email the School Committee at

To look at last year’s budget guidelines, which are being used as a model, please click here:

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