Newton Winter Walk to School Day

On Wednesday, January 11th, schools across Newton will be participating in a Winter Walk to School Day as part of our local Safe Routes to School effort. The goal of this day is to show communities how great it is when students get out of the car and onto the sidewalk.

Why Students Should Walk to School.

1. Have time to talk to your friends before school.
2. Arrive at school more alert and ready to learn.
3. Save the environment by saving gas and keeping the air cleaner.
4. Get stronger because you are getting more exercise
5. Make it safer by the school by having less cars

Despite our neighborhood school system, most children in Newton get to and from school by car. Many parents would like the opportunity to give elected officials a first-hand account of the importance walking to school or the issues they face getting their children to school.  There are lots of ways to celebrate! It can be as easy as students walking/biking together with parents or friends to Zervas, or by parents and kids organizing a walking school bus for their neighborhood for the walk to Zervas.

We’re looking for volunteers to help coordinate Walk to School Activities for their neighborhood for this winter’s walk. Please contact Joe Sypek at or 617-721-9058.

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