Calling all 5th Grade Parents:

The 5th Grade Graduation Yearbook and Slideshow committees need your photos!

Pictures and Videos: The Yearbook and Slideshow will include photographs of all the 5th grade students during their years at Zervas. To accomplish this, we need your photographs of the students (large and small group shots are ideal) in class, at recess, during field trips, performances, anywhere at Zervas, from Kindergarten through the Fabulous Fifth Grade! Send in 6-10 of your best group pictures.

Baby Photos: A favorite part of the yearbook – Guess the baby! Send in one photograph of your child when they were a baby.

Pictures may be submitted as:
• JPEG (at least 600 dpi or highest resolution possible). Email photos to (general pictures) or (baby pictures).
• PRINT (please put your name in the back if you would like the picture to be returned to you after we scan it). Pictures may be dropped off at the office in the YEARBOOK/SLIDESHOW FOLDER.

Videos: in any format you have to .

Send in all pictures and videos by Friday, March 16!

Thank you!

The Yearbook Committee
Gloria Plottel, Jee Baum, Liz Beckett, Susie Freed, Pamela Galowitz, Edie Knight, Jill Schulman, Karen Stotsky, Nes Tunay, Priya Wagner

The Slideshow Committee
Lily Lee, Tracey Hyams, Priya Wagner

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