Do Not Enter Beethoven during stated hours is permanent law

The “Do Not Enter” sign at the intersection of Beacon, Evelyn, and Beethoven, approved by the Traffic Council prior to the start of the school year on a trial basis only, has been voted in by that same body as a permanent feature. With increased compliance of the signs on the part of all motorists and our adherence to Blue Zone etiquette and regulations, we are anticipating the continuation of  increased safety for all pedestrians and smoother flow of traffic down the street at the critical drop off and pick up times.

An important note: Forming two lanes at the light at Beacon, while seemingly helpful in moving more cars through the light at a time, is illegal and can be dangerous for a few reasons. Once City of Newton road striping begins again in the Spring, the DPW will paint a section of double yellow lines for a short distance on Beethoven to make this more visually clear to drivers.