To all Library Volunteers (or interested potential library volunteers)

Please join me in the library next Friday morning after drop-off for some coffee and breakfast and to get reacquainted with the library! Since our construction is complete, there are many changes in the library, including new locations of books, a new scanner for the check-out computer, and even a new face! I’d love to give you a tour of the new layout, instruct on using the new scanner, and introduce you to Laura Szaro, my student teacher. Laura is currently at Simmons in the Library Science program and has already been a huge help in the library since starting at the end of January. Please join us for conversation and to ask any questions you may have about volunteering!

Friday, March 9th 8:20-9:00
Refresher Volunteer Orientation
Breakfast treats and coffee provided.

Come check out all of the new changes in the library and hear about where we are headed! Email if you think you can make it!


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