How to Use the Blue Zone

  • Pull up toward Beacon St. as far as possible to make room for cars pulling in behind you. Your kids are able to walk a few extra steps to the front door of the school.
  • Please pull close into the curb so that the back of your car is not sticking out into the street.
  • Children should exit the car on the sidewalk side only.
  • Do not get out of your car except for a true emergency!!
  • Teach your children to open and close the car doors. Even kindergartners can learn to do this.
  • If space opens in front of your car, please pull forward.
  • Prearrange Blue Zone pickups with your children so that they don’t end up playing in the playground instead of looking for you in the Blue Zone. If this happens, go around the block and park in the non-Blue Zone area so that you can get out and look for your kids. It only takes a minute to go around the block.
  • Do not double park. If the Blue Zone is full, please circle around (left on Beacon, left on Allen, left on Woodward, left on Beethoven).
  • Please explain these guidelines to your parents and other child care providers who may use the Blue Zone without the benefit of reading this.

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