Creative Art and Sciences Update

Creative Arts and Sciences recently brought the following programs to Zervas:

Talking Cello – Mrs. Sandy Keifer introduced her Cello, who, with a ‘knock’ on his door was willing to come out of his case because our Kindergardeners were so attentive… with ‘Mrs. K’s’ help, they wrote a short story & played the song on the Cello…and learned all about the parts of this elegant, huge instrument.

Explore the Ocean World – marine biologist Ellen Goethel met with our first grade scientists to share with them artifacts from the deep abyss, and other rare whale and shark parts… in addition to handling several sea creatures.
Eine Kleine Konsort, a recorder ensemble comprised of music teachers came in to ‘jam’ with our 3rd grade. The students played their recorders as well as a variety of percussion instruments in an entertaining program. In fact, our 3rd graders surprised their guests by performing a wonderful rendition of ‘The Recorder Rap’, written by Eine Kleine Konsort, but adapted by our very own Mr Mignone.

The Museum of Science brought Motion: Forces and Work into the 5th grade class. Both student and staff volunteers helped in many demonstrations as they learned about the relationship between work, force and motion and how by using simple machines we can make tasks easier – such as using a lever to lift a 5th grade teacher several feet into the air!

coming up…

Second Graders to take a virtual trip to Ghana, Africa with Tufts University Professor Nani Agbeli, playing drums, dancing and learning about their culture.

Mitali Perkins, local author, will come in to talk to our 4th graders about Life Between Cultures. Mitali was born in Calcutta, India, & grew up in California when her family immigrated to the US.

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