May 2nd is Walk to School Day

Massachusetts Safe Routes to School and Schools all over the Commonwealth will participate in Massachusetts Walk to School Day next Wednesday, May 2nd, when students will join together to walk and bicycle to school.

There are lots of ways to celebrate! It can be as easy as students walking/biking together with parents or friends to Zervas, or by parents and kids organizing a walking school bus for their neighborhood for the walk to Zervas.

We’re looking for volunteers to help coordinate Walk to School Activities for their neighborhood for this Spring’s walk. Please contact Joe Sypek at or 617-721-9058.

The Case Against Driving

– Can you imagine the congestion that would result if each and every student was dropped at school individually by car?
– Walking, cycling, or using public transportation is important to help relieve
congestion around the school for health and safety of all.
– Students who walk or bike to school have the added benefit of exercise
which helps improve health outcomes and academic performance.
– Helps make the Newton and the Zervas community a more environmentally
friendly place.

– If you must drive to school, consider carpooling and/or dropping your child
off at a safe location near school instead of in the blue zone and then walk to school with them, or encourage your family to walk to school at least once or twice a week if they can.

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