Yo-yo show coming to grades K-4

On Thursday, April 26th, the Respect for Human Differences committee and the PTO are bringing two terrific social skills-through-yo-yo shows to Zervas for the K-4 classes. Parents are welcome to attend either or both shows. Ooch is just as entertaining for adults as he is for kids. Here are some descriptions from the website of “Ooch” – the yo-yo entertainer, which you can check out at http://www.oochworld.com. Click on “Shows” for more information:

“Brett Outchcunis [ooch-KOO-nis] is a professional personality and life coach for kids who focuses on making positive life choices for a healthy state of mind and spirit through the use of comedy, music, dance, story-telling, yo-yos and improv, making his shows quite a kinesthetic learning experience.”

At 9:00 am, the K-2 classes will enjoy his “Positive Spin”program that “empowers every student to turn negative situations into positive ones… offering the students tips and tricks relating to such issues as popularity, making and keeping friends, earning respect of teachers and peers, becoming comfortable in your own skin, bullying and dealing with failure. Through the use of his own personal stories and the help ofmusic, magic, imagination, yo-yos and dance, Ooch puts a positive spin on the challenges of growing up.” At 10:15, grades 3-4 will get to experience his “Secrets to Being Social” show, which “breaks “being social” into three categories: Talking, Listening and Being: What we say, how we listen and how to be with other people in a pleasant way. With the help of humor, music, dance and his yo-yo, Ooch illustrates and elaborates on the tips and tricks that make social skills a fun part of everyday life.”

These shows will be a great way to welcome the students back after spring break and put a “positive spin” on the rest of the school year.

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