5th Grade Social Action: Birdathon

The 5th graders are about to embark on their next social action project, a Birdathon!  On May 22nd, the 5th graders will be led through Cold Spring Park by Mr. Griffin and a Mass Audobon guide, with a goal of spotting as many of the birds that make the park their home at this time of year as they can.  5th graders will be asking for pledges prior to the Birdathon.  You can either make a lump sum donation or sponsor a student for an amount per bird spotted.  All proceeds will go to one of Mr. Griffin’s favorite charities, the Audobon Society, as a part of this year’s 5th grade donation. 

So, please find your nearest 5th grader, if they don’t find you first, and sponsor them for the Birdathon!  (If you are not connected to any 5th graders, you can make a donation in the Zervas main office or at the Zervas Spring Fair.)
There will also be an opportunity to donate to the Birdathon at the Zervas Spring Fair this Saturday.  5th graders will be staffing a Bird House decorating table and will have sponsor sheets available.

We still need as many pairs of binoculars as possible.  If anyone in the Zervas community has binoculars that they are willing to let the 5th grade borrow, we would be very grateful.  Please bring them to Zervas and leave them in Rebecca Deeks/Kate Gacicia’s mailbox in the office.  Make sure to label them with your full name, so that they can be returned.  Thank you so much.

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