Co-Presidents’ Letter


We would like to share some of the PTO sponsored programs from April. Thank you to the Respect for Human Differences committee and Amy Behrens for bringing in Ooch the Yo-Yo guy to Zervas. On Thurs., Apr. 26th grades K-2 saw a “positive spin” program and grades 3-4 experienced his “secrets to being social” show. Sunday, April 29th was Newton Serves Day. A big thank you to Linda Thayer and Caroline Wilson for coordinating this event for Zervas, and to all of the volunteers who took time out of their busy schedules to come by and help beautify Zervas. Also in April the Understanding Our Differences Team, let by Carla Brigham, Lisa DePalma and Jen Smelson presented a unit on “special medical conditions” focusing on epilepsy, asthma and allergies.

May 2nd was Walk to School day and May 9th was Bike to School day. Thank you to Joe Sypek for coordinating and promoting these days.

Coming up…
the Spring Fair is on Saturday, May 12th from 11:00 am -2:00 pm. We hope you’ll come by (and even consider working a shift). The fair is always a big hit with the kids and promises fun for all ages.

Creative Arts and Sciences Presentations:
Kindergarten – Author/illustrator Emilie Boon, who will help students create a short book of their own
2nd grade — Virtual trip to Ghana, Africa with Tufts University Professor Nani Agbeli, playing drums, dancing and learning about their culture
4th grade – Mitali Perkins, Life Between Cultures and Jeff Davis, American Folk musician
5th grade – Valerie Tutson “The Right to … Liberty” (stories from the Revolutionary War)

Finally, on behalf of the fifth graders, thank you to everyone who helped support the 5th grade graduation by purchasing cookie dough.

Jane and Joanne

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