Safe Routes to School

Zervas is part of a citywide effort to significantly reduce traffic around ourschools. 85% of children live within a mile of school.

How you can help:

1. Walk as often as you can.  Walking often takes less time than getting the kids in the car, buckling up and driving to school, especially if you need to come through one of the busy intersections near school.

2. Walk together with friends, taking turns walking.

3. Help launch a walking bus from your neighborhood.

4. Find a route for older children that they can walk with buddies.

5. If walking isn’t going to work, then consider the benefits to everyone of a carpool which is at least saving 50% on gas and removing one car from the school path.

6. Use the blue zone and you help to reduce the parking and traffic issues next to the school.

7. Pledge to at least walk on the Go Green, Wear Green Days (Every Wednesday!). Make it a family event by rethinking everyone’s commute that day.

Everyone making even small steps has the potential for a big gain. Thank you!

This Fall’s Events:

International Walk to School Day – October 3rd, 2012
Newton’s 1st Annual Walk – Bike Week¬† – September 28 – October 5, 2012

Celebrating our Livable Community