Zervas Families – We need your help!

I am writing to ask your help with a specific issue that some of our students are facing.  Each day we have dogs being brought to school at arrival and pick up times. While these dogs are well-behaved, they can cause concern and fear in some of our students and their families. Many of our students have moderate to severe dog phobias and allergies.  It can be difficult for these students to enter or exit the school when there is a dog in their path.  Because of this, I am asking that we all follow these guidelines:

• Dogs are not permitted on school grounds during the school day.  This refers to all grassy areas around the school as well as the pathways, playgrounds and parking lots surrounding the building.  It does not refer to the public sidewalks.

• Dogs should not be left unattended.  Dog owners should remain with their dogs at all times.  Please do not tie up your dog along the soccer field fence or on a tree along the sidewalk.  This can cause a barrier for a child trying to walk along the sidewalk.

• Keep the “T” area in front of the school clear of any dogs.  This is the area where the front door path and the sidewalk meet.  Keeping this area clear of dogs will allow those who need to enter or exit a safe area to do so.

I appreciate the parents with whom I have already spoken about this issue who are trying to be more aware of the situation.   If we all work together, I know we can make our school environment safe and respectful for all our students.

Thank you,

Diana Beck

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