Zervas Library Parent opportunities

Library parents help by shelving books and checking out students’ weekly selections during their class library time. There is also occasionally a need for special projects help which can be very flexible. Each classroom can have an unlimited amount of library parents.  Please contact Stephanie Cogen at scogen@comcast.net  if you are interested and/or return the tan sign up sheet that came home in your welcome packet. At the bottom of the form, please check the box next to library parent.

Library parents are invited to the Library Volunteer orientation meeting on September 20th at 8:20 am. Even if you forget to sign up ahead of time but are interested in learning more about the library, you are welcome to come to the meeting.

This year’s library schedule can be accessed here: http://www2.newton.k12.ma.us/~erin_broderick/FOV1-0003BB85/

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