Kaleidoscope Bags are available in the Library

The Kaleidoscope Bag Project was developed by the Zervas Respect for Human Differences Committee. The bags are intended to strengthen connections among our school population and build an atmosphere of understanding and respect for cultural, racial, ability, and family structure diversity.

Each grade has its own pair of Kaleidoscope Bags, filled with a wealth of wonderful age appropriate and relevant materials such as books, recipes, games, audiovisual aides, and activities. The materials are intended to be used by the whole family to foster connection as well as conversations and educational opportunities about diversity.

The Kaleidoscope Bags are presented as a library item that can be checked out for a 2-week period. Any family who would like to use the bag is encouraged to check one out from the library. To ensure that families are at ease and aware of the materials that will go home, and to ensure that large bags with many items in them are kept intact, we would like parents to initiate the process of requesting a bag. For that reason, the bags CANNOT be checked out at a regular library class time.

If you would like to take a bag home, please go to the library at the beginning or the end of a school day to check one out. If you are not available or present at drop-off or pick-up from school, and would like a bag, please write a note, and leave it with your child’s teacher, who can work with your child to ensure that the bag comes home.

If you would like a list of what is inside the bag before requesting it from the library, please email Amy Behrens at amycbehrens@gmail.com or Jacqueline Butera at jacquelinebutera@rcn.com. We hope you enjoy sharing these bags with your families!


Amy Behrens and Jacqueline Butera
Co-chairs, Zervas Respect for Human Differences Committee