Picture books are important.

logoPicture books are powerful.  Picture books are FUN! Join in reading, sharing and celebrating picture books throughout the month of November.  Ms. Broderick will be keeping stats of the number of picture books checked out of the library, and this year the bulletin board by the school entrance will be used to track how many picture books students, staff and families are reading!  Each sticker on the board represents one picture book read.  Let’s try to fill up the wall by the end of the month!  Students who want to keep track of the picture books they read, either at school or at home, can fill out a bookmark and then see Ms. Broderick for stickers to add to our Picture Book Wall. Families reading books together totally counts!   Find more information (and daily essays on picture books) here: http://picturebookmonth.com

Download a themed calendar here: http://picturebookmonth.com/calendar/

Check out Candlewick Press and their daily celebration of picture books: We Believe in Picture Books (www.readingstartshere.com)

See Ms. Broderick for an individual tally sheet/bookmark!