Poem in your Pocket Day

Dear Zervas families,

April is National Poetry Month! In the library and throughout the school, we are marking this occasion by celebrating Poem in Your Pocket Day on Thursday, April 25. This is our third year participating in the event. Poem in Your Pocket Day encourages students all over the country to choose a poem to carry in their pocket for the day to share with classmates, reading buddies, teachers, and other school community members. Students can select a poem from a book in the library, in their classroom, at home, or they can write their own their own poem.

To get ready for Poem in Your Pocket Day, we have been working with students to learn all about poetry. Students have learned about haikus, acrostic poems, free verse poems, and book spine poems. They have been reading many different poems and thinking about what type of poem they might like to pick for Poem in Your Pocket Day. They have also been creating their own poems during library time and in their classrooms. You can read more about our previous celebrations here:


Have a favorite poem? Carry it in your pocket on April 25!

Happy Poetry Month!