Principal’s Letter

Dear Zervas Families,

Happy April!  I hope that everyone has enjoyed their Passover and/or Easter celebrations over the past few weeks.  We are all looking forward to the increasingly warmer weather and the hopes of spring.  A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending my first Zervas School Auction.  What a wonderful event this was!  I was so impressed with high level of community engagement and support that this event showcased.  I know that it took many, many hours of work to make this happen and I would like to thank each and every one of you who organized, volunteered at and participated in the Auction.  We truly appreciate your support!

April 8th Principal Coffee

On Monday, April 8 at 10:00, we will hold our Spring Principal Coffee.  We will be discussing our school’s work towards developing a school-wide statement about student expectations and school discipline.  To involve parents in this discussion, we will focus on the following questions:

1. What do parents believe about children’s abilities to follow rules, know right from wrong, and learn from their mistakes?

2. What behaviors do parents hope teachers will reinforce at school?

3. What do parents think about our current discipline practices and procedures? What is working? What is not working? I hope you can make it for this informative and interactive meeting!

Our Dog Policy

As the weather gets warmer, I would like to remind you about our dog policy.  Thank you for your cooperation with adhering to this important safety policy:

• Dogs are not permitted on school grounds during the school day.  This refers to all grassy areas around the school as well as the pathways, playgrounds and parking lots surrounding the building.  It does not refer to the public sidewalks.

• Dogs should not be left unattended.  Dog owners should remain with their dogs at all times.  Please do not tie up your dog along the soccer field fence or on a tree along the sidewalk.  This can cause a barrier for a child trying to walk along the sidewalk.

• Keep the “T” area in front of the school clear of any dogs.  This is the area where the front door path and the sidewalk meet.  Keeping this area clear of dogs will allow those who need to enter or exit a safe area to do so.

Before and Afterschool Enrichment Clubs

Throughout our school community, there are several before and after school activities which engage students in critical thinking and problem solving activities.  I would like to highlight two of these that are run by parent volunteers from our school: Destination ImagiNation and the Zervas Grade 5 Math Club.

Destination ImagiNation: Destination ImagiNation is an international creative problem solving competition for children in grades k-12.   The DI season begins in September and runs through March.  During this time, teams of up to 7 students work together to solve a “challenge.”  There are 6 challenges including technical, scientific, performing arts, improve, engineering and community service.  There is also a non-competitive challenge for the youngest members.  In addition to this long-term challenge, teams also practice for an Instant Challenge that is unknown until the day of competition. At Zervas this year we had a fourth grade team made up of Jackson, Anand, Noa, Valerie, Berk, Austin and Conor that was facilitated by two parents: Elaine Sheehy and Julie Crossan.  The group met after school to work on their challenge.  They named their group  “The Mosquito Exterminators”.  In the challenge they selected, they had to create up to 10 vehicles with at least 3 propulsion systems/power sources and work to get them to various predetermined zones.  They also had to create and perform a skit related to the vehicles and obstacles they faced.  They wrote original song lyrics and a script and made their costumes.  I had the privilege of watching them during their regional competition on March 23 and they were really terrific! We hope for future DI groups to be formed next year!

Zervas 5th Grade Math Club: The Zervas 5th grade Math Club meets each Thursday before school.  It alternates between recreational math, playing with interesting math and logical puzzles and looking at problem solving techniques, and competition math, where students participate in a nationwide competition which poses a monthly set of difficult problems for each student to solve.  Fifth graders participating in the club this year are Mark, Theo, Gordon, Frank, Ethan, Jean, John, Alex, Max, Sara, Nick, Joshua, Kathryn, Maya, Lyle, and Sage.  The Zervas Math Club is taught by parent Bret Harsham, who plans to lead Math Club again for next year’s 4th grade class.  If there are any parents who are interested in running a 5th grade section next year, Bret will be happy to help you get started.  Thanks to Bret for bringing this to our school; it’s been a wonderful program that challenges and engages students in meaningful ways.

All my best,

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