Make Change for Boston Children’s Hospital

This year the Zervas 5th graders are raising money for Boston Children’s Hospital. Your donation can help pay for care for sick children and their families, fund research that changes children’s lives, expand services to other communities around Massachusetts, and allow doctors and nurses to heal even more children.

One way that we are going to be fundraising is by placing bins in Zervas classrooms. This is called the Make Change Drive and the 5th grade would really appreciate it, if you would bring change in to your classrooms to contribute. This change can be brought in anytime from March 31st  – April 11thOur goal is to raise $750 school wide, but we also asked each class to set a goal. Some classes set a $50 goal, while others set a goal of $100 or more.  Ask your child what their classroom goal is.

The Zervas fair is coming up and this year the 5th graders are going to be running a booth to raise money for Boston Children’s Hospital. We haven’t decided what we’re going to do yet, but sure to look out for us at the fair!

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