Walking to school this fall/winter

The Zervas Walks committee encourages you and your children to walk or bike to school this fall and winter. Walking to school reduces traffic congestion around Zervas, boosts a sense of community, and gives your child good pedestrian skills they will use throughout life.

We understand that sometimes it is just not possible to walk; however, we encourage you to walk whenever you can. If you see any obstacles on your route that we can help you address, such as vehicles parked on the sidewalk, vegetation blocking the sidewalk, slippery conditions from leaves, etc, please let us know at zervaswalks@gmail.com. We hope to have some of these issues addressed before the snow starts to accumulate and makes the sidewalks more treacherous.

Jenn Martin, Sandy Sloane, and Debra Stump

P.S. If you are interested in joining the Zervas Walks committee, please email us at zervaswalks@gmail.com