Contribute your favorite wine for the Zervas Auction!

This year’s Spring Auction, “A VIP Night to Remember at Studio 54,” will feature a “Wall of Wine” for the first time. The Wall of Wine will display different bottles of red and white wines donated by the Zervas community. For $20 each, auction guests will purchase a “mystery” bottle of wine wrapped in a bag. All the buyer will know is that for a $20 fee, they will receive a bottle of wine worth at least $20…but several may be worth $100, $75, $50, etc. After the purchase, the buyer removes the wrapping from the bottle and reveals the value of his/her bottle.

The Auction Committee is seeking your participation for the success of the Wall of Wine! We are asking families to donate a bottle of red or white wine worth at least $20!

Simply contact Heather Knapp, Wall of Wine Coordinator, for pick up, via email at or by phone: 727-804-2149.

Our goal is to have 60 bottles of wine! Thank you in advance for your support of Zervas!
Wall of Wine

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