2015 Zervas Auction Info and All the Links You Need!

Dear Zervas families,

We can’t wait to get down at the 2015 Zervas Auction on March 21st at the Windsor Club, for “A VIP Night to Remember at Studio 54.” Please consider what your family can donate this year; this event not only funds opportunities for our kids, but is sure to be a groovy night for Zervas adults!

Look for your auction invite in your child’s folder this week (you can register online here), and we hope you bought some Backstage Pass raffles Tuesday morning!

To streamline and save trees, we strongly encourage you to submit your donation description online via the Zervas Auction website:


Once there, in the gold box at left, you will see an icon of a wrapped gift that says “Donate Items.” Click through to the online donation form

….and help Zervas by sharing one of your favorite wines! This year’s Auction features a “Wall of Wine” contributed by the Zervas community. Help us meet our goal of at least 60 bottles by donating a red or white you enjoy, that is worth at least $20. If possible, the price should be on the bottle. Contact Heather Knapp, Wall of Wine Coordinator, for pick up, via email at heatherknapp16@yahoo.com or by phone: 727-804-2149. Our goal is to have 60 bottles of wine!  Thank you in advance for your support of Zervas!

Catch you on the flip side!

Your groovy 2015 Zervas Auction Committee Co-Chairs
Jillian Queen (jillian_queen@hotmail.com)
Kristin Knuuttila (kknuuttila@princelobel.com)

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