Zervas March Madness 2015!

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  •  The Zervas School March Madness Reading Celebration will begin on Monday, March 16th and run through Monday, April 13th.
  •  The kickoff will take place on Monday March 16th – each classroom will be randomly assigned the name of an actual NCAA basketball team in the tournament.
  •  Students will earn points for their team based on the number of minutes read daily at home during the March Madness Reading Challenge (March 16-April 13).
  •  Each student will log their daily reading onto the paper reading log and once a week will enter their TOTAL WEEKLY MINUTES read into an ONLINE FORM. This is to be done AT HOME or at school by each Monday afternoon/evening. To access the online form, go to the Zervas School website and click on the March Madness link under “Announcements”.
  •  Students will hand in the paper copy of their reading log to their classroom teacher every Monday morning. They should begin to log their weekly minutes into their classroom’s online form by Monday, March 24th. Students should continue to log their weekly minutes read every Monday up until Monday, April 13th.
  •  Team points earned will be tallied and recorded every week onto a graph in the main hallway.
  •  Books read in school are not eligible for points.
  •  Books read as part of nightly reading can (and SHOULD!) be counted. (March Madness reading does not have to be in addition to regular home reading, although we hope students will be more inclined to read).
  •  There will be a separate point system for grades K-2 and for grades 3-5.