Destination Dinner veterans tell us that this is their all-time favorite community-building event. For those who have never attended, it begins with a community-wide (adults only) cocktail party at one family’s home, where everyone receives a dinner assignment. Small dinner parties follow in volunteer families’ homes, and range from the super-casual to the elegant and novel. The focus is on the company! We all regroup after dinner for dessert, drinks and sometimes–dancing–at a surprise location.

This year’s Destination Dinner has been moved up from early November to Saturday, October 3rd, and we really want you to join us! We’ve implemented this change for a couple of reasons:

1. With the move to Carr School this winter, it’s even more important to strengthen the sense of community at Zervas earlier in the year.


2. People may be able to incorporate their outdoor spaces (weather depending)

We have a generous host for the Cocktail Reception to kick off the evening, but are looking for a volunteer for the surprise Dessert location. Also, with the earlier date, we’re seeking dinner party hosts now. Please consider hosting 8-12 fellow Zervas parents in your home for a relaxed, fun evening.

No need to let us know theme, menu, etc just yet. Just knowing you’re in would be great. Please contact us with any questions.

Thanks again for considering!

Kim Neal (Kai ’18 and Ava ’16)
Barbara Talvitie (Lumi ’21, Anya ’19, Suvi ’17, and Meri ’15)

PS: If you know any incoming kindergarten families, please reach out to them and get this on their calendar. We don’t want them to slip through the cracks!

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