This past Saturday’s event was a big success thanks to the warmth and hospitality of the following families who hosted: Canter/Knight, Collins-Abbiati, Danila-Schmidt/Chow, DePalma, Davis, Friedman, Goldstein, Goosman, Hersh/Berzin, Kay/Conroy, Leese/Payton, Massey/Donovan, Perman, Savage, Sussman, Talvitie and Waksler/Shore.

New friendships were kindled, and after a frenetic September, it was fun to reconnect and hear what everyone’s been up to. We could not have pulled it all off without our hosts, but also our tireless parent volunteers. Special thanks to PTO Co-President Jessica Davis, Wendy Feiner, Meryl Miller, Madhu Natarajan, Chris Neal and Jillian Queen who helped us with everything from flowers, to communication, to overall organization and efficiency. And we would be remiss not to mention the support of our own–very patient–families!

The beautiful fall flower arrangements were sponsored in part by our neighborhood Whole Foods (Beacon & Walnut), and the wonderful catering staff at both cocktails and dessert were Renee Scharoff and Blonde on the Run Catering.

We look forward to hearing from everyone about what worked and how we could improve the event for next year! We’re already thinking that we may try to schedule a bit later in October.

If anyone took photos during the evening, we’d love to have you share them with us, preferably at actual size (largest file/high resolution) via email.

* A black XXL Men’s Columbia jacket was left at the Dessert House. Please contact Barbara or stop by – it will be hanging in the vestibule!

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