Zervas Creative Arts and Sciences

Creative Arts & Sciences (CAS) provides curriculum-related enrichment programs to all our students at Zervas. Working closely with the Zervas teaching staff and funded entirely by our PTO, the Creative Arts and Sciences Committee brings in highly-vetted programs and qualified presenters that enhance all areas of the curriculum — from published poets and author illustrators such as Grace Lin, to Opera Singers and African drummers, from tree canopy scaling science professors, to American folk musicians and Revolutionary War story tellers.  CAS programs align with Common Core State Standards, Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, Newton curriculum, system-wide goals and core values. CAS Programs enrich student experiences in Art, English Language Arts, History and Social Sciences, Music, Physical Education, and the Sciences.

Coming up for the rest of this year, kindergarteners can look forward to Deborah Constantine’s scientific presentation “Turtle’s New Home”, as well as a visit from Emilie Boon who will bring the class into the world of an author/illustrator. First graders will experience hands on “Exploring the Oceans” during a visit from Ellen Goethel.  Second graders will be world travelers as they learn about a Day in Ghana from Joe and Vida Galeota.  They will explore the Night Skies with Mike Francis, and take a musical journey as Shaw Pong Liu presents“Exploring China, The Middle Kingdom”. Third graders will have a workshop on physical changes in matter with the Science Discovery Museum. Fourth Graders will be time travelers through rural America as Jeff Davis performs American Sampler. Also this spring, grades three through five will hear from Ruby Bridges, who will describe what it was like to be the first African-American student integrated into an all-white public elementary school in the American south in the 1960’s. Stay tuned and please check out the Zervas PTO calendar to keep up to date for all the exciting CAS events throughout the rest of the year!