Coming soon: A change to how you get Zmail

The PTO is always trying to come up with ways to improve our communication with all Zervas parents. Around this time last year, we kicked off the process to split Zmail from one email per week into two emails – one for Zervas specific (Zervas Z Notes) on Tuesdays and one for Community events (Community Z Notes) on Wednesdays. Now, especially during the Zervas@Carr transition, we would like to announce the following changes which we hope will improve email readability.

Going forward (start date to be announced soon):

Announcements relating to an event or activity at Zervas or organized or sponsored by the Zevas PTO will be included in the Zervas Z Notes, which will be published every Sunday evening. Please note: All requests to broadcast on Zervas Z Notes are appreciated by Friday evening.

Announcements relating to an event or activity in the broader Newton community, including other events or activities sponsored by other entities in the Newton School District, will be included in the Community Z Notes, which are published every Thursday evening. Please note: All requests to broadcast on Community Z Notes are appreciated by Tuesday evening.

Finally, the mailing lists do allow us the option to be flexible about opt-in/opt-out possibilities as well as changing emails. Please email with any questions.

As always, please let us know how we are doing in this regard. Your feedback is invaluable in shaping how we use technology to communicate with you.