Color Day: Rain Date Volunteer Sign-ups

As you probably saw in Dr. Beck’s school-wide notice, Color Day is postponed to Tuesday, June 13. Thank you to the volunteers who were able to commit time to the rain-date. For the parent volunteers who signed up for June 6th and cannot make it on the 13th – thank you, and you will be missed. There are a few volunteer spots open due to the schedule change.

Please sign up to run one of the Color Day stations from:

  • 9-10:30 am             TWO slots open
  • 10:30 am – noon    THREE slots open
  • 12-12.30 Cleanup  ONE slot open 

Click here to register:

For those who haven’t volunteered at Color Day before:

Color Day is a fun day of silly outdoor activities for the whole school.  Each class is split into three teams — red, white, and blue — and the kids participate in activities with their class, like hula hooping, the limbo, and a water bucket relay.  Parents help at each of the activity stations – Color Day couldn’t happen without the parents’ help!  If you stay till the end, you even get to share in the popsicles.

Any questions?  Please email Debra Stump at or Matt Goldstein at

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