Three PTO Volunteer Positions

In addition to the requests the PTO sends for volunteers for one-time events and longer-term committee positions, we have some medium-term positions open that are perfect for a parent to do outside of school hours. Please contact the Zervas PTO at if you are interested in any of them!

1. PR Volunteer for the Online Auction. This person will draft blasts to the Zervas community about the online auction primarily during the week leading up to and week of the auction in March (auction is March 5-11), as well as a few emails in January and February soliciting parent donations, and revise a few flyers for kids to bring home
(5 hours). The bulk of the work is the week of the auction (10 hours), emailing other Newton parent groups and community boards and contacting past donors to remind them of the auction. Bonus: you get to join the fun auction team!

2. PR Volunteer for Spring Pre-K program of Kindergarten Soccer. Using our existing list, email all the preschools in Newton about the Zervas Kindergarten Soccer program. Also advertise in other Newton parent groups and community boards. This position requires about 10-12 hours total from January-March.

3. Medals/Trophies for Kindergarten Soccer. This spring, work with Cheryl Hersh to order and organize the soccer medals, with a plan to take over the trophy (fall) and medal (spring) distribution for 2018-2019. This position requires about 5 hours each season and is perfect for someone who will have a kindergartener in 2018-2019!

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