Blue Zone

This week the PTO will be out in the Blue Zone 1) asking you to pull all the way to the front of the Blue Zone (towards Beacon St.) before dropping off/picking up children so that traffic doesn’t back up on Beethoven, 2) requesting that you pull out of the Blue Zone immediately after your child exits the car, and 3) making general safety suggestions.

The goal is to change habits for the spring to make the Blue Zone more efficient, to ease traffic flow on Beethoven, and to increase child safety around the school. When everyone follows the rules for the Blue Zone it should be a safe, efficient way to get your child to and from school. It just takes one car parking or dropping off in the middle of the Blue Zone to halt traffic flow for everyone.

The Blue Zone is not for everyone. If your children need help with their backpack, seatbelt, or the curb-side door, if you are lucky enough that they still want one last hug, or if you like to watch them walk into school in the morning, then please park on a neighboring street and walk over.

Questions or want to help staff the Blue Zone this week? Email

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