Basketball clinic for boys and girls

Boston Athletic Training (BAT) is offering an 8 week basketball clinic for boys and girls ages 8-16. BAT has run 3 successful clinics in the past year and has been dedicated to training young athletes since 2012. The coaches of the program emphasize teaching the fundamentals of the sport, as well as the strategy of the game to ensure each athlete will improve. Another unique part of the program is the conditioning portion of the clinic. Each week the athletes will spend 30 minutes on improving either speed, endurance, power or core strength.

Cost: $400 for 8 sessions** / $700 for all 16 dates* Registration Link:

*The program runs Saturdays and Sundays 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
**Option to do either Saturdays or Sundays – Limited Spots available.

For additional information, please email 

January 19th – March 17
Hyde Community Center, 90 Lincoln St, Newton Highlands