Families Organization for Racial Justice – FORJ Newton

FORJ is a Newton Public Schools-supported program that provides interested families with opportunities, information, and resources to become better equipped to address issues of race, culture, and identity with their children. FORJ hosts lectures on race and diversity, holds discussion groups, family-friendly community events, Dynamic Diversity trainings and more.

Join the FORJ Mailing List here: https://forjnewton.com/contact/

The January FORJ family-friendly meeting included a community art project that is now on view at City Hall, followed by videos and discussion around “microaggressions” and how to stand up for each other at school and in the community. The January newsletter includes links to the videos, as well as some suggested children’s books.

The next meeting is February 12th for adults, and is a facilitative leadership skills training session for Racial Justice Groups. If you would like to attend, register here.