Support for the Wang family

Shared by some Zervas alums: You may or may not have heard the very sad news that a member of our community, Ethan Wang (a Zervas alum and NSHS Class of 2016) recently suffered a serious accident while studying abroad.  Ethan broke his neck and damaged his spinal cord in the accident. After a series of very difficult surgeries and a  challenging medical evacuation to Boston, Ethan is now in a long term program at Spaulding where he is undertaking intensive treatment and physical therapy to try to overcome the paralysis which resulted from his accident. Ethan has many dear friends, one of whom described him as “a kind, caring, compassionate, diligent and genuine person who has touched the lives of so many people in our community.” Wanting to do something to help Ethan, his friends have established a GoFund Me page to raise money to help the Wang family with the very high expenses associated with Ethan’s long term treatment. We are sharing the link provided by Ethan’s friends so that Zervas, Oak Hill, and South families have an opportunity to contribute to the fundraising effort.  And of course the Zervas, Oak Hill and South communities are sending our positive thoughts and good wishes to Ethan and his family!

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