Zervas Green Team wants to help get our community composting at home!

Ask your student about how Zervas School is composting food waste. Twice a week food scraps from the cafeteria are picked up and processed into biogas (clean energy)!! You can also compost at home!

WHY? 40% of our trash is food waste. When food scraps sit in plastic bags in landfills, they decompose into methane, a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to global climate change.

How to get started:

  • Composting at Home: Newton City Hall sells compost bins at a reduced rate ($25/bin). Purchase one at City Hall Customer Service or online. Your food waste and yard clippings will make perfect soil and fertilizer for your gardens. If you don’t have an outdoor space, consider indoor vermicomposting. The resulting compost is great for indoor plants.
  • Compost Pick-Up: Black Earth Compost is now enrolling Newton residents in weekly pick up of organic waste. This includes home owners, condo owners, and renters. Costs (excluding bins and compostable bags) start at only $3.80/week. When 500 Newton households are enrolled or preregistered, the price will be reduced 40% to $2.31/week. Your waste is turned into fertile compost that is sold at local retailers.

And as always, please help us reduce non-compostable waste by packing reusable or recyclable containers for lunches and snacks at school. And familiarize yourself with what goes into Newton Recycling bins and avoid throwing any of these recyclable materials into the trash.

Do you have questions about composting at home? Email greenteam@zervaspto.org and we’ll help get you going!