Color Day’s Move to Wednesday = We Need Volunteers! Please Help 10:15am – 12:00noon.

Because of the rain, Zervas Color Day has been moved to tomorrow morning, Wednesday, June 12th, and the date shift means we lost most of our volunteers. We especially need volunteers from 10:15-noon. If you can come for any or all of the morning, please come! Email Ken Danila at if you can help with this fun morning.

For those who haven’t volunteered at Color Day before:

Color Day is a fun day of silly outdoor activities for the whole school. Each class is split into three teams — red, white, and blue — and the kids participate in activities with their class, like relay races, ball toss and the human knot. Parents help at each of the activity stations. Color Day couldn’t happen without our parents’ help! If you stay till the end, you even get to share in the popsicles.

Any questions? Please email Ken Danila @