METCO & Zervas Buddies Program

We are excited for the Buddy Program here at Zervas! Below are some frequently asked questions about METCO and the Buddy Program.

What is the Zervas Buddy Program?
The Buddy Program matches each Student in the METCO Program (click here to learn more about METCO in NPS) with a Newton Student/Family in the same grade. Throughout the year there are a few fun events for Buddy Families to attend. For example, last year we went bowling and had a game day at Franklin Park.

What is the mission of the Zervas Buddy Program?
The mission of the Buddy Program is to foster friendships between Newton and METCO/Boston students at Zervas. The Buddy Program also strives to ensure that despite geographic barriers, all Families have a strong connection to the school and are able to attend Zervas Community Events. 

Can I still be part of the Zervas Buddy Program if I work full-time and after-school playdates are impossible for my family?
Absolutely! We understand that all families have very busy schedules. We hope that some playdates can be held ahead of evening events at Zervas and throughout the year, but if not, it can still be a successful match! If ZASP has availability, many times ZASP will allow students in the METCO Program to attend after-school before an event such as the Halloween Dance. If you can’t host many playdates, you can still maintain communication/check-in with your Buddy Family and hopefully come to some of our fun weekend events!

If you have questions or would like to be part of the Zervas Buddy Program, please contact Suzanne Chow or Jackie Washington

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