Last Minute Gift Idea! Zervas Library Winter Gift Book Sale

Our winter sale has been picking up! Thank you to those of you who have made purchases!! For the rest of you, please consider participating in the Zervas Library Winter Gift Book Drive.

For this drive, we are focusing on adding more diverse books to our library. We believe all students should see books with characters who are just like them on the shelves. You can purchase a title selected by librarian, Rebecca Kinney, and then donate it to the library in honor of a teacher or staff member, family member, or special person of your choice. A bookplate will be put inside the cover acknowledging the special person of your choice.


  • Last year over 20,000 books were checked out of the Zervas library!
  • Did you know our Zervas School Library is fully funded by the Zervas PTO and our two annual gift book sales? The PTO allocates money to the library from our Equity Budget and we have two gift book sales during the year, winter and spring. These gift books sales are a great way for our Zervas families to help support our school library.
  • Why are the books on this drive kinda expensive? Bound to Stay Bound brand books are incredibly sturdy, and if the binding breaks (rarely), they will replace the book at no cost. This is especially important for the high traffic titles like the graphic novels and wildly popular titles like the Wimpy Kid books. Popular books from Amazon really only last at most a year in a high volume circulation school library like Zervas.  Plus Bound to Stay Bound does all the processing of barcodes, spine labels, and book plates, so they are ready to be checked out upon arrival.
  • At the end of the drive Zervas teachers will be told of the books that have been donated in their name.

Give a gift to the Zervas Library, click to donate a book!
Zervas Library Winter Gift Book Sale